Buffalo Sublimation & AQ Inks Heat Transfer PU Film 8.5"x11"/25 sheets




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Buffalo Sublimation HTV  (Waterbase Ink and Sublimation Ink HTV)

A printable heat transfer vinyl on a self-adhesive polyester carrier, for use with sublimation and AQ inkjet ink for heat transfer to textiles.


Ecofriendly, water based, solvent and PVC free polyurethane printable heat transfer vinyl. Opaque, very soft to the touch, thin and stretchy film that can be transferred on all textiles, clear or dark. Producing professional quality results with vibrant colors and details.

(Printing & Application Instructions)

  1. Print text, photo, or images in normal positive mode on the matte side of material.
  2. Contour cut image with scissors or a vinyl cutter. Set up the blade to cut only the print film and not the carrier, then weed excess material.
  3. Remove the image from the carrier sheet. Application take can be used for detailed images. Allow at lease 30 minutes for the ink to dry before pressing.
  4. Press the image, print side up, to the textile with an iron or heat press. Cover with parchment paper to protect to image when pressing.
  5. Press for 15 sec. at 284 degree F(20 sec at 302 degree F for nylon)
  6. If using application tape, remove once completely cooled.
  7.  *** Reduce print density if application tape does not stick

Thickness – Printable film : 130 microns

Textiles –  Cotton – Polyester – Polycottons – Nylon (to be tested before use)

Washing and Care Instructions

  1. Increase washability be waiting 24-hour between printing and pressing
  2. Wait 48 hours before washing.
  3. Turn garment inside out when washing.
  4. Wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach.
  5. Recommend hang dry. Use low heat in the dryer.
  6. Iron Inside out.

Iron On

After printing, cutting and weeding, use application tape to transfer image onto textile. Cover with parchment/Baking paper to protect image.

Set iron medium/low to medium, DO NOT use steam. Press  firmly from center towards edges. Once cooled, removed application tape



Inert components, REACH compliant, without PVC, plastifiers, heavy metals, VOC, according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1.

Low carbon profile manufacturing : all operations made under one roof.

Store Products in a tempered and dry room, protected from direct sun rays.


Print Setting (Profile)

Sawgrass – *Substrate: Polyester,  *Paper: Type A   * Sublijet HD or Sublijet UHD

Epson – * Paper Type : DS Transfer Multi use/Textile  * Quality : Hight    * Do Not Miooro


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