Graphtec FC9000-160 64″ – Professional Class Cutter Plotter

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Graphtec’s most advanced, versatile roll fed cutting plotter FC9000 series is the ultimate finishing solution for the wide format signage, apparel, and automotive industries. 


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Graphtec FC9000-160 64″ – Professional Class Cutter Plotter


The flagship FC9000 Series is Graphtec’s most advanced, versatile roll fed cutting plotter to date. Revered around the world for its dependable, high-precision cutting capabilities with both printed and unprinted materials, the FC Series is the ultimate finishing solution for the wide format signage, apparel, and automotive industries. A newly developed feeding system and cutting head has further improved cutting quality of thin and thick materials ranging from delicate window tint to rigid magnet and high intensity reflective.  ARMS 8.0 features the introduction of Graphtec’s Datalink barcode generation system which efficiently loads and processes your jobs automatically.


Datalink Barcode System

Graphtec’s new Datalink Barcode System helps to save time and prevent production errors by using barcodes to automatically process multiple jobs at the touch of a button.

Graphtec Datalink Barcode System

The DataLink Barcode System supports any combination of RIP software & printer in addition to the Cutting Master 4 and Graphtec Pro Studio software that is included with each FC9000 Series vinyl cutter.

The Graphtec FC9000 vinyl cutter will detect the barcode-linked cutting data from the operator’s PC or USB flash memory, open the correct file, set the proper cutting conditions, and start the cutting job automatically.



Accurate ARMS 8.0 Contour Cutting

Graphtec’s Advanced Registration Mark Sensing (ARMS) technology delivers precise print and cut results in addition to efficiency boosting features.

Graphtec ARMS print and cut

The new white LED sensor and improved search algorithm accurately read registration marks printed from any printer onto a large variety of media types including high gloss, metallic, glitter, and high intensity reflective.



  • Includes Graphtec ARMS 8.0 (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor)
  • Datalink Barcode Generation System
  • New White LED contour cutting sensor
  • Heavy Duty Cutting
  • Take-Up Reel (Optional on FC9000-140 & FC9000-160)
  • 600g Downforce
  • 50 feet of accurate tracking
  • 59 mil max media thickness
  • Fast and accurate digital servo motor
  • Graphtec Studio Software
  • Plug-ins available for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw
  • Compatible with Windows & macOS
  • Software can drive multiple cutters simultaneously
  • Software automatically auto-detects any cutter once plugged into USB port
  • Has Contour Cutting: Yes




  • FC9000 Cutter
  • FC9000 Stand
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable
  • Cutting Blade Holder
  • Cutting Blade
  • Loupe
  • Fiber-tip pen holder
  • Water-base fiber-tip pen
  • Media stocker
  • Media catch basket
  • Flange Set
  • Printed Documents


For complete Graphtec FC9000 Series vinyl cutter specifications, please download the product brochure (pdf) or the Graphtec FC9000 Series Owner’s Manual (pdf).


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