Geo Knight 54″x103″ TRITON Automatic Shuttle Twin Station Heatpress 931-ATS54103

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The 931 TRITON presses are air operated automatic large format twin station shuttle presses that range in platen sizes up to 4 feet by 8 feet standard, and 8 feet by 12 feet custom!

The 931 TRITON is a large format pneumatic heat transfer press built for pressing a wide variety of materials. It is geared towards high-production pressing of multiple piece goods as well as 4′ x 8′ sheet materials.

The 931 TRITON answers the demand for a more stable, solid work base along with the capability of pressing transfers in an oversized large-area environment. Typical applications include heat transfer printing onto fabrics such as banners & garments, thicker materials such as carpets & mats, rigid goods like tiles & ceramics, as well as woods, sheet metal, plastics, polyester coated synthetics and a vast range of other substrates. Typical processes used are sublimation printing, hot splits, foiling, embossing, laminating, hot-stamping, heat sealing and other applications requiring a massive size heat transfer press.

Industrial Air Bag Pneumatics provide many times heavier pressing force than cylinders. They are also selfleveling and 100% maintenance free.

Photo Eye safety circuitry provides safety protection around the heat platen.

Redundant Micro Switches confirm location of loading tables before beginning pressing cycle.

High-Strength Roller Cams & smooth computer controlled indexing allow the loading tables to quietly & gently bring the work in and out of the pressing area.

High Wattage Fire Rod Heaters are embedded deep in the core of the extra thick 2″ aluminum heat platen. The platen is gun-barrel drilled and heaters are placed in close proximity along the entire length of the heat platen for the most even heat possible over the entire heat platen surface.

For a full color brochure, and to see a video demonstration and video walk-through of the 931 Triton, please use the links below.



  • Digital Integrated Temperature & Time control
  • Available in 230V 3-Phase or 480V 3-Phase Power
  • Available in Single shuttle or Dual loading table format
  • Multi Air Bag Pressure design for Self Leveling of Pressure (compressor req)
  • Precision PLC Motor Controlled Automatic Indexing of Tables
  • Uniform Lift / Parallel Platen Action & Adjustable Applied Force
  • Productive Foot Pedal Operation & Emergency Release Safety Circuit
  • Electronic Photo Eye Safety Sensor Light Curtain Around Heat Platen
  • 2″ Thick Solid Mirror Surface Ground Aluminum Heater Platen
  • Oversized heat platens ranging up to 8ft x 12ft available on request


    • FREE LIFETIME Tech Support!
    • Full one year warranty on heating element, controls and entire press


Available in Twin Station or Single Station loading table configurations. (Twin station automatic 54×103 shown)

Smaller sizes are available without automatic table indexing. (Operator Manually shuttles loading table)

54 X 60 Manual Loading Single Station $ 40,600.00
54 X 60 Auto-Shuttle Single Station $ 42,700.00
54 X 60 Auto-Shuttle Twin Station $ 45,800.00
54 X 72 Manual Loading Single Station $ 42,600.00
54 X 72 Auto-Shuttle Single Station $ 44,700.00
54 X 72 Auto-Shuttle Twin Station $ 48,800.00
54 X 84 Auto-Shuttle Single Station $ 48,700.00
54 X 84 Auto-Shuttle Twin Station $ 53,800.00
54 X 103 Auto-Shuttle Single Station $ 53,700.00
54 X 103 Auto-Shuttle Twin Station $ 58,700.00


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