DNP Wireless Connect Module WCM 2(New Updated May 2023)

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  • Wirelessly Connect Phones/Tablets/Laptops to DNP Printers


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WCM2Print continues to allow wireless printing to DNP Printers from mobile devices (iPhone®, iPad,and Android devices), Windows PCs, and Mac® and direct printing using the WCM Print


  • Support for iPhone Personal Hotspot compatibility
  • Ability to use an ethernet connection from an iPad to the WCM
  • The addition of a software recovery tool
  • Compatibility with high-performance WiFi antennas to improve hotspot connection
  • Addition of system info on the startup print, incl: QR code, WCM2 version, Printer info for printer’s connected to the WCM2
  1. This new, easy-to-configure unit allows you to easily print wirelessly from iOS®, macOS®, Windows®, and Android® devices.
  2. Wireless printing makes it easy for professional photographers, photo booth operators and event photographers to connect and print quickly on-location or in the studio.
  3. The Wireless Connect Module allows iPad® booth operators to expand their offerings by seamlessly printing their photo booth images.
  4. Connect to any DNP printer or multiple DNP printers for maximum output. WCM connects to your network to provide Internet access—allows you to print and send images to social networks simultaneously. 
  5. Photographers can easily setup and configure the device through an admin page that can be accessed via a web browser. Users can select print sizes, number of copies and send photos to multiple printers. Unlike other wireless tools, the WCM ensures images do not print stretched or distorted.


DNP WCM info sheet

  • Compatible Printers: QW410, DS620A, DS-RX1HS, DS820A.
  • OS: iOS, macOS, Windows, Android 9 & later, Android 8.1 & earlier. Android 8.1 & earlier requires a 3rd party app.
  • USB Ports: 2 – allows for connection to two DNP printers.
  • WiFi Hotspot: 802.11 b/g/n standards


Released: 2023-03
Wireless Connect Module – Software Update Release v3.0
The newest software version for the WCM-2 and WCM-1 is now available.
This new release contains the following enhancements:
• Supports hotspots from iPhones
• Ability to connect iPad to WCM via Ethernet cable
• Added software recovery tool
• Supports high-performance WiFi antennas
• Added system information and QR code to startup print
• Stability and reliability improvements
iPhone Personal Hotspot
WCM2 WiFi connection can now use the hotspot from an iPhone for internet access.
• iPhone 13 & 14 must turn on “Maximize Compatibility” in the Personal Hotspot settings
o Settings > Personal Hotspot > Allow Others to Join = On >Maximize Compatibility = On
iPad Connection to WCM via Ethernet Cable
WCM2 can be connected directly to an iPad using a USB-C or Lightening to Ethernet adapter and Ethernet cable.
• Belkin adapters are offered at the Apple Store and are the brand tested with the WCM. Other models may work but
have not been verified.
• With the WCM2 and the iPad connected with an Ethernet cable and adapter
Air Print (same as standard printing via WiFi)
o Print a single photo: While viewing the photo, tap , then tap Print.
o Print multiple photos: While viewing photos, tap Select, select each photo you want to print, tap , then
tap Print.
o Tap printer and tap the desired Printer-PrintSize
o Tap print to send the picture to the printer.
Note: First time connecting may take a few minutes to recognize the WCM2 Printers. It is recommended that the WCM2 is powered up
before connecting an adapter and ethernet cable to the WCM2.
If switching from an Ethernet/router connection to an Ethernet/iPad connection, allow 10 seconds for the WCM port to reset
Software Recovery Tool
Should some WCM2 functions stop working but access to the portal is still available, the WCM can reset to a fresh copy of the
current software version.
• In the main menu, tap System Settings > Factory Reset
• At the prompt “Are you sure you want to reset the device?”, select Yes
• A countdown notice will be shown, starting at 180 seconds, stating “Your device will restart in 180 seconds…”
• A startup print will be printed once the fresh copy has completed the update process.
Note: – The update process may take several seconds longer that indicated by the countdown timer.
– This reset will install the original version sent with the WCM. Later updates require connection to the internet.



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